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2020: Nation building will front and centre. Nation building will not be easy. But we will move forward!

Larry's 2020 Agenda

2020 - Time forNation Building!


It’s time for Nation Building. It is time to assert our jurisdiction and our stewardship rights for the prosperity of future generations. 2020 is upon us. 

 In 2015, Dawn  Madahbee,  General Manager for the Waubetek Business Development Corporation and named by  Women’s Executive Network as  op 100 most powerful women in Canada, took a close look at Nation Building and asked the question: 

How do you promote nation building (Annishnabeg) to support expanded government service responsibilities? Her thoughts:

A. The current self-government policy framework does not allow for support from regional and national First Nation institutions of governance. 

B. It will be necessary to develop community, tribal, regional, and national level governance models, and institutions. It is possible to build on existing tribal councils. However, this is going to be further complicated by the perception that they compete with Band level government. It may also be difficult to overcome the perceived interests of individual certificate of possession holders. 

C. There has to be a significant change to the federal comprehensive claims process to accommodate these traditional but broader models of governance. 

D. First Nations need their own provincial type governance institutions and models. 

E. Nation building will be difficult for First Nations but one option is to base governance on traditional concepts to reconstitute nations and then use modern best practice governance and service delivery methods. 

F. It is may be necessary to generate labor mobility within a group of First Nations so that property rights are transferable. 

As we move into the next century - 2020 and beyond - let's keep Dawn's question a the top of our minds.

Nation Builder - Stewardship Warrior

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